Of Fairies and Menus

The proverbial Eden Hall fairy cup

The proverbial Eden Hall fairy cup

In my time spent as a rambling man navigating the stretch of prime real estate that is Clarke Quay, I’ve managed to avoid obstreperous rowdies, gaudy bars and the discordant crowds gyrating to tacky music, but I’ve never managed to escape the looming spectre of The Menu. The Menu? THE MENU!! Okay, can the exaggerated gasps and let me explain.

Pubs in Clarke Quay all provide standard services, a cocktail, wine and food menu. The measure of a pub seems to lie in how thematically sound you can get your pub to be, or worse, how avant garde your chairs look. It’s all style and no substance. I don’t want to spend my time staring at the bust of an unimportant figure lost in the annals of history, nor do I think contending with keeping my drink intact while literally slipping off sleek looking chairs for lack of proper design is very fun at all. I desire substance. A personal touch. A bartender who knows the difference between Cabernet sauvignon and Riesling, and why I do not want to have tannins mess with my fish dish. ( I am not partial to the taste of metal )

I’m calling my brainchild Eden Hall Counter Bar. It’s an old school bar where there are no sullen, churlish servers who thrust menus in your face, instead, savvy, perceptive bartenders chat you up and provide erudite recommendations based on your needs. There are no seats or tables save for the bar stools which encircle the bar, which also spans the entire width of the counter. Two veteran bartenders  man the bar, for added intimacy. Only two? Okay fine, I’ll make concessions..for one bartender understudy or a paying apprentice. Of course, an extensive selection of spirits, cocktails, wines and alcohol is imperative. Locals and foreigners must have their taste buds tickled and their interests piqued. It covers all one’s needs. Need a bottle for a party? Pop by and purchase it.

Oh, and if the name Eden Hall rings a bell, it’s got to do with fairies. And a special multi-coloured glass cup. Please don’t doubt my gender orientation, it might be a tad whimsical but I certainly don’t plan to paste fairy stickers on all the mugs. The contemporary Eden Hall will sport a specially crafted glass in the middle of the counter as a talking point and ice breaker for new visitors.

What say you?


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