What makes the Ultimate Ultimate Start Up Space?

1) Originality

Martell isn’t giving away a 760 sq ft space in the middle of arguably one of the trendiest locations in Singapore for you to peddle your pedestrian teddy bears.

2) Individuality

The idea shouldn’t be what you think Martell wants to see.

3) Feasibility

Will it work? Are you going for mass appeal or a niche market?

4) The Long Run

Everyone rushes to buy your revolutionary, superlative inducing product, but what happens when the hype fizzles out?

5) Substance

What’s inside matters more than what’s on the outside. Fancy marketing won’t save you all the time.

6) Profitability

You need to make money in order to make more money.

7) Commitment/Determination

Didn’t your mother teach you any better? I know mine did (try).

8.) Passion

Being committed to keeping a floundering project afloat is going to achieve exactly that : keeping it afloat. Flounder or Flourish, you decide.

9) Remember your roots

Don’t forget who got you where you are now.

10) Don’t forget your morals

Now that you can skirt the issue of climbing the corporate ladder, you’ve got no excuse.

Come back for an expanded version tomorrow, right now I’m just interested in being a lazy git.


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