Thrift Store + Drinks = Lady GaGa

Drunk dialing leaves you mortified after some semblance of sobriety has been restored to you. Drunk e-mailing gets you fired. Drink driving..let’s not go there. Drunk shopping? Dean’s Credit Clothing, a concept bar in Houston, Texas makes it possible for people to foray into the panoptic of thrift fashion while blitzed! You won’t cause any moral panic, but your soul will be irrevocably tainted by the memory of purchasing fluorescent green pants in a drunken haze because you thought they would “bring out your rambunctious personality”.

In all honesty though, Dean’s Credit Clothing seems a rather novel idea, for those looking for a hoot. I won’t make any excuses for seeming so contradictory (you know I hate “designer” bars) because for once, it actually is an interesting idea. Eski bars..done. Art house bars..check. Irish bars..been there. Sports bars..probably all over Texas. Biker bars..too loud to be overlooked. Karaoke bars..eugh. A bar with actual clothes for perusal and purchase (you can actually put your purchases on your bar tab), that I haven’t seen.

Drunk enough to consider taking that gaudy top home. That's their scheme people, it's a conspiracy!

What used to be a thrift clothing shop from the 40’s to 70’s has been transformed into a bar by partners Ziggy Morrow, Steven Scalice and Toby Lister. The fashion range is far more eclectic now and probably isn’t limited to the ubiquitous drawstring pants of old. Say what? It is a thrift store after all. (Disclaimer : I draw all my conclusions about that era from cultural references like “Stand By Me” and “The Beverly Hillbillies”, where everyone seemed to wear drawstring pants)

I hear the proprietors have taken great care to preserve the space’s historical aesthetics, while tacking on a sense of intimacy with their own conception of “confessionals”, cozy spaces behind what used to be the original cash register where you can ignore the obligatory thicko yammering away in a more private setting.

It’s a brash move because the two concepts don’t necessarily mesh easily. I mean, thrift fashion and drinks? The only comparison I can draw from the two is the classic scene where a drunk guy hurls all over his friend’s resplendent clothes. Maybe I just don’t read enough fashion rags. But seriously, it’s interesting, conceptually at least. Whether this unique thrift shop-bar melange eventually consigns itself to the rubbish bin of history remains to be seen. At least now you and your partner can deride the clothes hanging off the mannequins instead taking the piss out of regrettably misguided party-goers.

At least now you know where Lady Ga Ga gets her clothes from. And you can probably find out from the resident bartender which drink unravels her mental faculties before she shops. Did the penny-pinchers of the 50’s  really look so strange?


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