Ultimate Ultimate Start Up Space Redux

1) Originality

The idea needs originality. Martell isn’t giving away a 760 sq ft space in the middle of arguably one of the trendiest locations in Singapore for you to peddle your pedestrian teddy bears. The cutting edge digital installation is proof enough that Martell won’t endorse banal clichés.

2) Individuality

The idea shouldn’t be what you think Martell wants to see. The Ultimate Start Up Space is all in the spirit of entrepreneurship, evidenced by its open ended conception of innovation and ingenuity. The etymology of “entrepreneur” is elicited from the idea of risk-taking. While “individuality” might seem to be an amalgamation of originality and self interest, it isn’t quite so simple; it’s the quest to distinguish oneself from the masses.

3) Feasibility

Sure, you can be original and individualistic, but I believe there’s a limit on how far your idea can deviate from the norm. No one wants to buy your toenail flavoured salsa dip, or indulge in your one-of-a-kind service that offers to ascertain the level of Satanism present in your vinyl collection.

4) The Long Run

Everyone rushes to buy your revolutionary, superlative inducing product, but what happens when the hype fizzles out? Will you reinvent your ideas or put on your blinders? Even revolutions have cycles. Sustainability is one of the many keys to a successful start up, and if you don’t have a pertinent, rational road map, things will get ugly in no time. I’ll spare you the hackneyed quote regarding planning to fail.

5) Substance

Generic pubs are my antipathy. You would’ve known that if you’d read the previous posts chronicling my disinclination towards said pubs.  What’s inside matters more than what’s on the outside. I’m sure this oft repeated maxim is something even your dear old mother has conveyed to you. While I’m not knocking the Nipponese tendency to package products in the notoriously extravagant fashion unique to them, nobody wants the whole royal treatment shebang at a foot massage centre, only to realize that the advertised service is carried out by a dog trained to lick your feet.

6) Profitability

Ah, the heady mix of concept art and idealism. Anyone can imagine up a FIRE BREATHING ROOFTOP DRAGON WITH LASER BEAM EYES, and even create a miniature scale model, but how much money will said fire breathing dragon make you? Please don’t squander the 6 month rent free period. (See also: The Tortoise and The Hare) It’s all well and good that you stay true to your ideals, but the inevitable truth of consumerist societies is this: Money begets money!

7) Commitment/Determination

Didn’t your mother teach you any better? I know mine did (try). It’s so fundamental I refuse to provide more than two lines.

8 ) Passion

Being committed to keeping a floundering project afloat is going to achieve exactly that: keeping it afloat. Flounder or Flourish, you decide. Martell seems to capitalize very well on the whole idea of passionate people. But remember, passion without control and direction is ineffectual, so don’t waste this one inimitable quality.

9) Remember your roots

Thumb your nose at the crass hoi polloi and sneer at the plebeians, oh You, champion of business coups, oh You of whence splendiferous business ideas are begotten, but never forget that the bourgeoisie pays for your 7-Series Beemer.

10) Bring your morals

Now that you can skirt the issue of climbing the corporate ladder, you’ve got no excuse. People are tired of power hungry suits and soulless corporations which plunder and pillage. There are enough of those out there, and there’s enough reason for your start up to break the mould. Go for it.


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